Our Planet Prefers Green Shipping

When you ship directly, you save money and the planet.

The pressure is on to go green and make more eco-friendly decisions. Other national shipping carriers need multiple connecting flights to route packages. X Delivery flies nonstop only and reduces middle mile air emissions by up to 64% (Texas A&M University).

Commitment to sustainability

Carbon offsets are good. Reducing emissions is better. Solving the problem is best.

The planet needs a green shipping partner. Customers demand that D2C brands invest in eco-friendly business operations. X Delivery understands the danger of harming the planet and we’re committed to finding the answer. What actions are we taking to provide the #1 sustainable shipping option for online shoppers?

Commitment to green shipping research

When you make the commitment to green shipping, you need a partner who is invested in unbiased research on the entire delivery journey. As of today, what we know is that we can streamline air transportation down to just one flight, eliminating middle mile carbon emissions by up to 64%.

Ship with existing planes, trucks, and vans

Other shipping carriers own fleets of planes, trucks, and vans with enormous fuel requirements, and they tie them to antiquated hub and spoke shipping systems. X Delivery fills unused luggage space of commercial airlines and leverages the best final mile partners to reduce carbon emissions.

Point to point logistics

X Delivery is a point to point logistics model. This means that when other national shipping carriers are busy re-sorting packages in between the first and second flight of their journey, we are in the air on our way to the final destination. Delivering D2C ecommerce orders in fewer steps requires less fuel and improves customer satisfaction.

Incumbent shipping carriers are stuck in a business model that requires they use the same distribution centers they've had for over 100 years. If they could leave, they would, but they can't. This negatively impacts the planet by requiring that customers' orders change hand between warehouses, trucks, planes, and more trucks far too many times for a single delivery.​

Reduce your middle mile air emissions by up to 64% when you switch to X Delivery

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Top selling ecommerce brands are switching to X Delivery before the holiday season.

Top selling ecommerce brands are switching to X Delivery before the holiday season.

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